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About a catalogue web site

Catalogue web site is a great marketing tool to declare about your goods and services. Most people use the internet to search for information including goods and services. If earlier a company’s site was something innovative but today it is surprising when a company does not have its web site. However, web site does not mean it would bear an effect and attract some new customers using the huge Internet possibilities.
We should be serious creating a catalogue web site. Since a good site is able to attract a huge number of customers.

The main catalogue web site parts

  • Informational pages (About us, Partners, Services etc.)
  • Service or products catalogue.
  • Feedback form

Catalogue web site price

We will be able to create a site for your business with relatively low prices.
Price - from 450 €
For this price you will receive working and filled site hosted in the internet. See below a list of works included in the cost development.
What is included in the catalogue web site creation service:
  • Catalogue web site design development, 5 pages (Home, Contacts, Information page, Goods and Services, Commodity item and Service). Goods and Services catalogue;
  • Control integration into a catalogue web site. The ability to self-administer the site, fill the catalogue;
  • Catalogue of goods and services divided into categories and individual products/services;;
  • “About us”, “Contacts”, “Activity”, “Partners”, etc.
  • Feedback/contacts page
  • Press releases, news with a possibility of adding;
  • Filling with the provided, materials (up to 30 pages);
  • Assist in hosting (internet);
  • Help to buy and register the name;
  • Adding to the main Ukrainian catalogues;
  • Adding to the search engines of Yandex and Google
The catalogue web site development is not limited with the list above. These are just basic and important elements for such type of site. We can extend the development and implement all your wishes into the catalogue web site.

Catalogue web site portfolio