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Corporate identity creation

Corporate identity

Corporate identity is one of the most important elements of a successful business. 90 % of information a person perceives visually!
With the help of logos, fonts, colors the clients and the partners identify your products and promotional materials with your organization distinguishing you from competing companies. The professionally developed style of your company influences the number of your customers.
The development of the corporate identity begins with a brief.
Brief is a technical requirement for designers, recommendations and suggestions for corporate identity provided by the customer.
Thoughtful corporate identity is like perfectly fitting suit. Every detail is created to introduce the man in the most favourable light.
Corporate identity is the first thing to start the advertising of any company.
Professional corporate identity development in the web design studio “MaxKulikoff”consists of several stages:
  • Company’s logo creation. A good logo becomes a starting point for the good corporate identity development;
  • Development of a corporate identity: colors and other visual characteristics;
  • Brand book creation (optional).
That is why the corporate identity is an extremely effective advertising tool. Entrusting us creation of you company image you ensure recognition of your brand.
The price of the corporate price creation consists of the number of elements which you will specify as necessary for your company.

Corporate identity elements, the approximate cost and design:

  • Logo from UAH 1440
  • Visit card from UAH 120 (one page)
  • Letterhead from UAH 240
  • Corporate envelope from UAH 130
  • Leaflet from UAH 360 (one page)
  • Booklet from UAH 600
  • Flyer from UAH 240 (one page)
  • Company folder from UAH 600
  • Postcard from UAH 360
  • Pocket calendar from UAH 240
  • Desktop calendar from UAH 480
  • Wall flip calendar from UAH 1960
  • Poster from UAH 360
  • Brand pen from UAH 240
  • Brand mug from UAH 240
  • Brand T-shirt from UAH 360
  • Corporate character from UAH 1440
  • Menu from UAH 120 per one page
Before we start creation of your corporate identity we study all the details about your company, its benefits, tastes of the target audience. Moreover, corporate identity design must feet four main principles: simplicity, awareness, harmony and attractiveness.
All the developed by us corporate identity elements are transferred to you in soft copies (recorded on CD-ROM upon request) in the format suitable for sending then directly to the printing without additional handling and reformatting.
It takes about 2 days to develop an element.