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Online message board creation

Message board is an advertising web site for goods and services advertising. The advantage of it is that any person can place his ad or find a suitable offer for himself.
At all times people tried to find cultural and trade ties with each other. There were selling goods people as well as their customers. Nowadays we have the same picture, but the forms of seller and buyer contacts have changed. At the present time we use online message boards in the Internet.
Message boards are an effective way to attract a great number of clients at the lowest cost and earn lots of money.

Types of online message boards:

  • Free boards currently are the most popular among advertisers and ordinary users. Any user can post his ad for free but optionally order some paid services (VIP-status, list lifting, highlighting etc.).
  • Paid message boards did not allow free ads posting and for that reason were practically priced out by the free boards.
  • Unmoderated boards are boards without administration control (moderation), they rapidly become dumps with a low web site traffic. Experienced people who post their ads in the internet regularly try to avoid the unmoderated boards because of the low traffic.
  • Moderated boards provide greater effect when ads placing. Due to the continuous quality control of the information posted and automatic cleaning of the ads the most relevant content is placed on such board. At constant ads rotation the moderated boards are indexed better by the search engines attracting target search engine traffic and as a consequence brings more money to its owners.

Regional and theme message boards

It is important to define clearly the concept of the board and its future audience. We advise to create boards with regional and theme reference as they are easy to develop. Therefore, in the process of boards development they separated into regional and theme.
  • Regional and City boards. The boards work well especially at the local level: a person wont go to the capital city to buy furniture as well they dont need city gardens in Rivne.
  • Theme boards are the boards of a specific theme in your city or region. The most popular themes are cars, real estate, construction, womens cloths and cosmetics because women are the main category of the internet buyers.

Benefits of the boards development:

  • High profitability and rapid time to value at low expenses for creation
  • Easy moderation and set up due to the integrated control management system (CMS)
  • Companies, shops and ads objects binding to the Google Maps.
  • Integration with various payment systems (Privat24, LiqPay, PayPal, Wallet one, Robokassa, and many other)
  • Personal account of a user to pay for different site services (goods, services, advertising etc.)
  • Geo-location set up when adding and viewing ads (country, region, city).

How to earn with a message board:

  • Advertising banner is the most profitable part of earning on any web site. It is much better to attract the advertisers yourself. If you have a blank advertising space it is desirable to establish a code of a banner system and accumulate banner impressions in a banner exchange.
  • Contextual advertisement is a placement of textual, graphic units on the page. The content of blocks is determined automatically corresponding to the content of the pages. To place the blocks of contextual advertisement on the message board one should register in one of the contextual advertising systems, for example, Google AdSense etc, and get a javascript code. Then place it in the board text pattern. The earnings of from contextual advertisement for a specific board will depend on the popularity of the theme of the board.
  • Partner program. It is a possibility to promote the other people products and services via Internet for a fee. It will not be difficult to attract partner programs on the message board because the main site operation buying and selling attracts financial traffic. A large set of partner programs has been developed. You will always find a suitable affiliate program. The principle of payment can be different: some pay % of sales, some pay for the attracted visited.
  • VIP-ads are located in a prominent place increasing the number of views and effectiveness.
  • Highlighted add is a font or colour highlighted ad. It sticks out more than usual ad.
  • Ad lifting is placing the last ad on the first line. When you add new ads the previous ones lower in the list.
  • Payment of various services from the users account. Users balance. Placing a module allowing replenishing a users account for various operations on the message board web site.
Message boards are currently popular. As it is rather easy to buy a domain and hosting, every blondie can do that, so creation of such boards is an excellent option to make money.
Fill our brief and order a message board now! Have a stable income in future!
Message board is an engine for your business. As you know advertising is the engine of commerce, and advertising is never too much. Order a message board, attract your clients, earn money!
Price - from € 890

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