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Web design brief
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Web portal creation

Web portal creation

The information portal is created to publish and manage large amounts of information in the internet. In the “MaxKulikoff” web studio such service is in a great demand among the companies with a significant information flows (various media, real estate agencies, libraries, thematic portals, e.g. construction, household appliances or pets, specialized municipal portals, music portals etc.).

You would need a web portal if:

  • the amount of web site pages starts from a thousand of pages
  • information on your site is to be updated several times a day
  • you want to sell online advertising on your portal
  • information you have could be interesting for a wide range of the internet users
Price - from UAH 57000

Terms of the standard web portal development

  • development of an individual web portal design
  • favicon.ico design (icons displayed with your site address in a browser)
  • web portal design layout
  • navigation system creation
  • content with a basic information provided by a customer
  • optimization of a source code of the site pages
  • administration of a unwarranted application for registration in the search engines Google, Yandex etc
  • introduction of a counter with an extensive visiting statistics
  • free accommodation in the selected by a customer hosting
  • free consultations and warranty service during a year
  • one time training for the customer representatives how to manage a web portal
  • recommendation for the further informational development of the web portal and proposals on promotion in the search engines

Web portal design

When creating web portal design one should take into consideration the main feature of this type of sites: a huge amount of information and the fact that the internet users come not to watch but to get the information they need. We conclude that the graphic design of the web portal should be kept to a minimum. The “pictures” should be canceled or bear some traffic load, e.g. illustrate, help to faster navigate on the portal. The most significant example of the cool portal interface design is the Google search engine.


The larger a site the greater is a competitive advantage it has over the similar but smaller web sites. So it will be real to promote the information portal practically for any inquiries. However, the promotional goals should be established on the initial stage of the web portal creation to be taken into account on the first stage of development and programming. This will save considerable funds for you when promoting.

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