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OnLine store development

Online store development

Our web studio “MaxKulikoff” provides creation and placing of an online store as we as its promotion. We are able to create the easiest variant of an online store as well as a powerful CMS with a great number of sellers on a platform. It depends on your goals and future plans.

Price of the online store creation

Depending on your goals you can choose one of the variants suggested above or contact us and find out the price according to your requests and wishes.

Basic online store

Basic online store development includes creation of the full-fledged web site with the goods in view of a catalogue. One can put the goods into the shopping cart and place an order. The basic online store has all the features of a standard site: menu management, information pages, news block, feedback etc. but in contrast with the advanced plans the buying process is easier.
The basic online store is sufficient for trade, promotion, obtain orders.
Price - from 650 €

Standard online store

In contrast to the basic online store Standard online store carries a number of additional functions:
  • Payment systems. The ability to accept online payments.
  • Types of delivery. The ability to add and edit types of delivery as well as the delivery rates.
  • Personal account. Every user has his personal account where he can watch order statistics and change his data.
  • User groups by discounts. You can create your user groups and provide each group with your prices in the online shop.
  • Customer feedback. A user can leave a feedback about each good and you will be able to edit or delete it. Feedback gives an opportunity to read the users’ opinion about a particular good.
  • Coupon. You can provide your buyer with discount coupon to use in future purchases. This feature stimulates future sales.
Price - from 790 €

Advanced online store

The advanced online shop provides you with a possibility to control the entire purchasing, orders customer base management. It includes a number of additional functionalities that will allow you to do a variety of marketing mix, send newsletters, and generate reports and statistics about the online store work.
Main functionality:
  • Web site design development;
  • Integration into management system (CMS);
  • Filling with up to 100 pages;
  • Hosting in the Internet, assistance in a host name buying;
  • Functionality for a store promotion;
  • Menu control;
  • Articles, news control;
  • Feedback form (Contacts);
  • Price catalog with a cart;
  • Management of orders, their status;
  • Brand module;
  • New products, best products, best sellers;
  • Reviews;
  • Methods of payment;
  • Types of delivery;
  • Discount control, mark-ups control;
  • Mass newsletters;
  • Dividing the buyers into groups, appointment of the individual prices;
  • Sales reports;
  • Coupons;
  • Inventory products management;
  • Backups system;
  • Community elements (full user profiles, members pages);
  • Image galleries;
  • FAQ
Price - from 950 €

Online store with an individual functionality

We are able to develop an online store with the functionality you need. If you need a site that does not match any of the plans, there is nothing to worry about. Just describe the functionality you need and we will calculate the cost as well as the deadline. The cost can be both high and low. It depends on the goal.
Price - contract price

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