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Web design brief
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The experienced and professional artists will create the best design solutions for you that take into account the specifics of your company as well as profitably present it in the Internet, media, in the city streets and during business meetings. Moreover, your potential customers will appreciate it favourably.
Working with our Customers we use the conception of simplicity, visibility and a high speed business communication, corresponding to the requirements of high professionalism and punctuality. Committing to such cooperation philosophy, we believe, will be able to transfer its qualities in our works.

Work performance stages:

  1. Cost estimation and approval of services to be performed (printing design)
  2. Creation and approval of printing design
  3. Making up and printing design preparation for printing
Please note, the cost of works is based on the time spent by a designer for creation or layout make up!
Name of works
Estimated cost, UAH
Designer work
530 / hour
Works performed together with a designer
710 / hour
Correction of files that do not meet print requirements
700 - 1560
Existing logo drawing
260 - 1030

Logo and corporate identity

Logo made according to design assignment:
  • 3-5 variants developed in accordance with your specific requests and proposals;
  • Finishing of your logo;
  • Colour selection;
  • Company typeface selection.
Logo design includes a black and white variant, colour and black and white reverse.
from 2820
Creation of logo with a careful preliminary concept development by a special Creative Group:
  • Ideas development, search of visual images reflecting the idea, associative series;
  • Logo sketches development (up to 20 variants), selection of the most appropriate variants;
  • Choosing of the final variant and finishing;
  • Colour selection;
  • Company typeface selection.
Logo design includes a black and white variant, colour and black and white reverse.
from 7060
Corporate Identity
depending on the number of design layouts and complicacy

Design layouts for printing

Business card “Standard”
220 - 530
Business card “Designed”
360 - 890
Plastic card, Gift Certificate (85х55 mm)
530 - 1240 per 1 side
Euro flayer 100х210 mm (2 sides)
700 - 1530
Flayer, a leaflet А4, А3
570 - 1160 per 1 side
Flayer, a leaflet from А7 to А5
520 - 1590 per 1 side
Card, invitations
350 - 1220 per 1 side
Diploma, certificate from А6 to А4
350 - 980
Menu, pricelist
350 per 1 side
Broad sheet (poster, banner) А3
from 1590
Broad sheet (poster, banner) А2
from 1940
Pocket calendar
350 - 880
Wall spiral calendar А4-А3-А2
260 - 320 - 390 per 1 page
from 710 per 1 variant

Outdoor advertising

Billboard (publicity board) 6х3 m
from 2120
City-lights 1800x1200 mm
from 1590
Car advertising

Web design

Home page design
from 3520
Remaining pages design
1590 - 2650
Web banner in gif– “simple”
710 - 1590
Web banner in gif– average difficulty
1060 - 2120
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