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Site administration

Site administration

Site owners know that to make a website, place it in the hoster filling in with the thematic content is not perfectly enough.
And it is not important whether it is a business card website, an Internet store, a corporate website or a large portal because it requires constant administration for its clear functioning.
So what is site administration?
Site administration is a complex of actions to support the smooth functioning of a site, to take care of its functionality, speed, convenience for a user, the regular placement of the information on its pages.
A site owner can administer his site both independently and with the help of a professional.
The site administration can be informational and technical.

Informational site administration

Informational site administration includes the regular adding of news, articles, goods, advertisements and other content depending on the particular theme of the site.
The informational site administration works by filling the site with some kind of content. This is a continuous monotonous work to fill in the web resource with the news and information, editing and correcting the placed content, its optimization and usability improvement, up-to-date and practical effect, support of the placed content, timely removal and archiving of the outdated information.

Technical site administration

Technical site administration is aimed to ensure a permanent and stable access to the site for any user.
The technical site administration is a host selection and configuring, twenty-four-hour control of a server and site support.
The more sorts of activities within a site administration are performed the less it remains competitors, the more visitors visit it and therefore the resource returns larger profit for its owners.
Site administration Standard package: UAH 3000 per month
Standard package includes:
  • Personal manager, consultations on any issues related to the site
  • Day-to-day check on the site response, operative troubleshooting
  • Timely installation of a content management system updates
  • Mail services, hosting administration
  • Site restoration from a back-up copy (if necessary)
  • Recommendations on modernization and promotion
  • Details and statistics
  • News, articles, some kind of text information, video and photos placing according to a schedule or a demand
  • Domain control and CMS technical support
The technical support is provided from 09:00 am to 8:00 pm every day except day offs and holidays
We also offer to use some of our additional services:
  • Information and anti-virus security control (from UAH 480)
  • Content management system modules configuring if necessary (from UAH 480)
  • Site structure changing (from UAH 1250)
  • Changes in the code (from UAH 1200)
  • Production and placement of graphics (banners and images) (from UAH 190 /pce)
If you cant find the item you are interested in, contact us and well come to an agreement!