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The Internet users use different search engine every day and they know that typing a question in the search box as a result of a search engine work they will receive a page of the top ten answers. Accordingly, the site owners do their best to be on the top. What to do? SEO experts who offer web site promotion in the search engine know the principles of search engine work best of all.

What is SEO?

Web site SEO (or just SEO - Search Engine Optimization) includes a set of special measures aimed to outrank. As a result of SEO experts work a great number of the Internet users will learn about your products and services as well as the whole site.

What is site in TOP 10?

This is a result of a site promotion and optimization for different search engines. In other words, your site will appear on the first page after a search. Most of the internet users finish their search on the first page. If your web site in the TOP 10 it will significantly increase its traffic and you will have more customers.
There is a saying that advertising drives sales, but as you know the Internet works by different rules. That is why web site SEO is very important for you as a business owner.

SEO cost

ost people worry about the web site optimization cost. But most organizations do not answer this question referring to the fact that the price depends on the amount of work. And they are right. As you know, you can optimize 5-page site and a 50-page site. The amount of work will be completely different. Therefore, the calculation of costs is made individually.
We would be grateful to offer you a discount for optimization if you order web site promotion!

Internal site optimization

The internal web site optimization is considered to be major work. Such works increase the possibility of automatic output of a site on the first positions as well as the interest of visitors of your site definitely grows.
The inner site optimization consists of the next steps:
  • Analysis determining the site specifications. This step allows identifying the mistakes made by the web masters. When your site is visited by the search engines they conclude the quality of the site. If the optimized site contains a lot of flaws, the search engine makes conclusion on every of them and informs the system which makes conclusions on the quality of the site. These findings will sufficiently influence your site ranking;
  • Correction of the deficiencies detected on the first stage;
  • Making a list of words and phrases (semantic site core), which can most accurately describe the thematic orientation. Our experts not just find the key questions suggested by the phrases selection system but do it on the basis of the real person that is a target customer;
  • Analysis of the statistic key words, selection of the pages and the site sections;
  • According to a previously defined semantic core Meta-tags Keywords and Description, as well as Title in accordance with the standards is performed;
  • The URL-pages and navigation are corrected allowing to adapt the menu items and addresses under the semantic site core;
  • Texts are optimized. The process requires the ability to meet the requirements of both the search engine and the visitors.
  • Interlinking is performed allowing distributing the weight of your web site pages. To have greater effect of the internal site optimization we will develop a special interlinking scheme especially for your website.

External site optimization

Optimization process consists not only of the internal but the external optimization as well. The external optimization is a forming of a certain reputation of a site in the search engine. Such optimization includes link building, i. e. the creation of the site base with the same themes linking the promoted site increasing confidence of the site in the search engine and increasing its positions in the search results for the different search query.
The external site optimization is now a time-taking process because it includes not only the selection of the good sites for link building but link anchors building for each key request as well.

Web site SEO and optimization by LF requests (low frequency)

It is practically unreal to be on TOP and become a part of the Google and Yandex hit parade by the head query without investment. We have to fight for our place in the sun in other ways. The most effective are SEO and LF promotion. Thus technique allows you to:
  • Receive a high percent of the target traffic;
  • Reduce your budget for promotion;
  • Ensure stable high results and independence from the SS moods.
Despite such rosy prospects it is important to realize that LF promotion is rather time taking and it requires the involvement of competent specialists. The inexperienced mistakes lead to loss of visitors. The internal SEO is carried out in several stages:
  1. Selection of relevant pages and the most appropriate low frequency and low competitive requests (but in most cases there is an objective need to create a separate landing page for a specific query);
  2. Technical optimization of pages for SEO promotion of low frequency queries;
  3. Internal interlinking on the site;
  4. Selection of grounds for links purchase and their subsequent purchase in the required amount.

Content for the site as an effective mean for optimization

In its own way the professionally chosen SEO-copywriting is equal to the rest of technical measures for search engine optimization ensuring. The right content increases the relevance of texts for the SS, reduces dependence of the site on the search algorithms change as well as promotes the conversion of visitors into buyers.
The high uniqueness, the absence of errors and the availability of the key phrases in the required amount do not guarantee that the search engine would like the text. The last algorithms improvements are aimed for the texts humanizing. Content requirements from the robots will become stricter.
At the same time we should not forget those who will read and think over the articles, not just analize their technical component. The average visitor is lazy, he comes to the site to for some kind of specific information and he wants to get it without any effort. That is why the search engines prefer logical, informational texts with a clear structure and subheadings. The content that meets all these requirements is an effective tool for:
  • Further optimization of the resource through its internal linking;
  • Attraction of the target visitors and increase of their time spent on the site;
  • Determine the relevance of the pages in the catalog.
As a site audit procedure, its optimization requires complex performance of works. The halfway measures will not bring anything but additional costs. In this case your wish to save money will lead to additional losses.

How to optimize your web site? It is really easy with our company!

Summarizing the said above you can easily answer the question How to optimize your site?. The answer is obvious just contact us! Having read the material published above (we hope you have mastered it!) you can conclude site optimization is rather complicated and labor-consuming process. That is why referring to the professionals you may be sure your web site will change the content as well as in the eyes of search engines. We are characterized by a comprehensive approach and hope to optimize your site effectively, find all its weaknesses adapting them into advantages.
Our SEO experts know how optimize your web site properly!